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The 40 DOORS pilots have been selected

The DOORS incubation programme is a unique opportunity for strategic advancement of small and medium-sized museums interested in accomplishing a digital transformation, accessing international expertise, and funding to start and/or support their digital journeys.

To participate in the DOORS incubation programme, museums (and collaborative tandems) had to submit proposals for digital pilots that can benefit their institutions and help them set the stage for a long-term digital transformation. Through an open call and the following two-stage digital incubator, DOORS will involve 40 museums in a shared learning programme and further support the realization of 20 pilots focused on digital transformation and empowerment in stage II.

The open call aiming at selecting the 40 pilots entering the programme took place from 14th December 2021 to 13th February 2022. A total of 128 pilot proposals were received from 27 countries.

The review and selection of the proposals were conducted by external jury members selected to ensure the best possible expertise.

The 40 selected pilots will now start their incubation journey with extensive training workshops, mentorship and peer to peer sessions and will be working to refine their project for the second stage call for proposals.

More information about the 40 pilots selected will be soon published on the DOORS website.


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