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2022 Call for Ecsite Board candidates

2022 Elections for the Board of Trustees of Ecsite

How to submit your candidature

The Ecsite Board is composed of 14 members. The composition of the current Board is presented in the attached document below. The Ecsite Board meets at least 3 times a year, virtually or physically. The Internal regulations describe the duties of the Board members.

Four Board Trustees’ positions are opened this year.

We invite each Full member interested in taking an active part in Ecsite and wishing to candidate to the Ecsite Board to send its candidature before 15 March 2022 by email to info@ecsite.eu.

Candidatures for the Board of Trustees

Candidates for the position of Board Trustee need to represent an organisation that is a Full member of Ecsite in 2022.

The duration of the mandate of a Trustee is of two years, renewable twice, for a maximum of three terms on the Board (six consecutive years).

The candidature should consist of one document of maximum five pages, in Word or PDF, should be on the letterhead of the organisation, written in English and less than 1 Megabyte.

It should include:

  • Name of the organisation, city and country
  • Description of the organisation
  • Name of the designated Ecsite representative, position and short Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation for the organisation and its representative to become an Ecsite Board Trustee

All candidatures will be published and sent to the Ecsite Full members in the AGM booklet as they are received; Ecsite will not edit the candidatures.

All candidates to the Board will present their views to the Full members in a two-minute presentation during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday 3 June 2022, 15:45 – 17:00 CEST, in Heilbronn, Germany.



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