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2021 Call for candidates: Ecsite Board & Presidency

Patricia Willems-Mawenu

Administration Manager at Ecsite

Board elections at the 2017 Ecsite Annual Conference in Porto, Portugal © Ecsite / MHNC-UP / Ciência Viva  Photographers: Daniel Espírito Santo / João Botas

Ecsite Full members will be electing the President of the Board at the upcoming Annual General Meeting, online on 7 May 2021. Eight Trustees seats are also open this year.

Send your candidature to agm@ecsite.eu by 15 March.

Candidates for the position of Board trustee need to represent an organisation that is a Full member of Ecsite in 2021.

Candidates for the Presidency of Ecsite need to represent a Full member of Ecsite in 2021 that is serving or has served on the Ecsite Board.

For your information, Herbert Münder, the actual President of Ecsite, is not eligible for re-election.  

Check all details and information on how to apply. You can refer to the current Board composition, as well as the Internal regulations for legal provisions.



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