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VOICES Public Event Spain

16 November 2013 - 17 November 2013
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In Spain, VOICES focus groups highlighted what needs to change for a zero waste society, in terms of citizenship, policy, and research and innovation. The VOICES public event in Granada builds on these outcomes, with a Maker Faire, debates, workshops, pavilions and a range of exhibitions, bringing together the public, schools, research centres, politicians, universities, artists and craftsman to see how we can truly make the most of urban waste as innovation.


Debate: VOICES and urban waste as innovation
The VOICES focus group participants will come together with people working at the local Alhendin waste treatment plant, local researchers and government and members of the public to discuss the experience of the VOICES citizen consultation and the importance of such public participatory processes in science policy making. What can these stakeholders draw from the VOICES results, and what are the concrete next steps?

Workshops: Maker Faire
Schools, research centres and universities will come together to show their projects on waste as a resource, through specific workshops. How can waste be reused and recycled? What innovative ways have our participants come up with that you can recreate at home? Join in the Faire and help us work towards a zero waste society in the most active and fun ways.

Exhibition/workshops: Waste meets art
Craftsmen and artists will present a wide array of projects related to recycling. This will include “Recycled projects”, fashion, furniture, jewelry, accessories, recycling in the design and production of exhibitions and a range of workshops for the general public. Lectures from artists will also give some theoretical insight into waste as a resource.

Exhibition/workshops: Tecnoforo Pavilion
This pavilion houses an exhibition: Títeres, 30 años de Etcétera which will be the starting point for a range of activities on urban waste. Join the puppetmakers for an interactive conversation on how they create their puppets, the different types of materials used, their properties and processes of transformation. Then create your own objects, using waste materials.

Exhibition/workshops: Via Lactea Pavilion
The Parque de las Ciencias exhibition Nutrition: Source of life will inspire an interactive workshop, where visitors can try out ways to make the most of leftover food, and recycle waste olive oil into handmade soaps.

Workshops: Reusing waste for all the family
Families can come to the Parque de las Ciencias to find out new ways of reusing old CDs and waste paper. CDs and DVDs can be an excellent medium to design your engravings. And you can prepare craft sheets of paper with used papers, natural fibres and different decorations.

Workshop: Information Point
Parque de las Ciencias is taking part in the Comenius Regional Partnerships Science education and Environmental Ethics. One of its main lines is Urban waste. Participants in the Project from the Museum and Granada’s in-service teacher training centre will explain citizens’ actions design in schools and institutions.


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VOICES was a ground-breaking consultation, using the opinions of people across the EU to shape the future of European research. 1,000 citizens participated in focus groups run by Ecsite members, expressing their hopes, fears, concerns and ideas on the theme of urban waste. The results of this consultation have directly informed policy, as they were fed into several research calls for the EU Horizon 2020 funding programme.