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VOICES Public Event France

22 November 2013 - 23 November 2013
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CCSTI Grenoble will organize a VOICES public event as part of the European Week for Waste Reduction. The VOICES consultation showed French citizens are particularly concerned about product lifespan. To look more closely at this issue, a week of repair and reuse activities will be held in different local associations: concrete workshops or demonstrations about how to repair, reuse collect and sell waste objects. Open door events and workshops will give concrete examples of how Grenoble can deal with its urban waste, innovating in order to make waste a resource.


Conference: Café Scientifique
The CCSTI hosts a participative cafe to discuss the key outcome of the French VOICES consultation: product lifespan and obsolescence. How can we make sure the things we buy are built to last? Discover what the VOICES focus group came up with, and how their results compare to those of the EU. Local organisations, government and VOICES focus group participants will come together with the general public to go into depth on this tricky issue of obsolescence.

Workshop: Fab Lab Grenoble
How can we repair, reuse objects and waste materials to create something new? Discover the Fab Lab maker space at CCSTI Grenoble to find out more. This workshop will use concrete example of objects constructed in the Fab Lab as a starting point, so you can see 3D printers in action creating spare parts to repair broken objects. This participative workshop will collect participants’ suggestions about using a Fab Lab for waste reduction. Come back to the Fab Lab with a concrete project and make it in the lab.


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VOICES was a ground-breaking consultation, using the opinions of people across the EU to shape the future of European research. 1,000 citizens participated in focus groups run by Ecsite members, expressing their hopes, fears, concerns and ideas on the theme of urban waste. The results of this consultation have directly informed policy, as they were fed into several research calls for the EU Horizon 2020 funding programme.