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ESOF 2010- Science in the City Programme, Call is open until 15 September 2009

If you need more information about the Science in the City Programme, if you would like to receive other promotion material or you are interested in becoming an ESOF2010 Exhibitor do not hesitate to contact ESOF directly.

Science in the City Programme
zappala@esof2010.org, tel. + 39 011 6702740

Science to Business Programme
moretti@esof2010.org tel. + 39 011 6702742

Career Programme
susa@esof2010.org tel. + 39 011 6702745

30 June 2010 - 5 July 2010
  • Local/national conference

The next Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF2010) will take place in Torino, Italy, on 2-7 July 2010, under the slogan “Passion for Science”. It will be a unique opportunity to meet and discuss important issues in which science and technology play a central role. ESOF2010 will host round tables, workshops, debates and seminars, which will address the most topical issues in scientific research and explore the interactions between researchers, industry, policy, and the media. In addition, ESOF2010 will feature many events dedicated to young researchers, investors and the general public: there will be a Career Programme, dedicated to students and young scientists, a Science to Business Programme and an outreach programme called “Science in the City”, aimed at the general public.

The Science in the City Programme will offer you the opportunity to show your activities to a wide range of people, researchers, teachers, museums and science centres professionals, scientific journalists and the general public. The event will take place in a large and stunning square in the city centre connected by a shuttle service with the Lingotto congress centre, the main venue of ESOF2010.

Everyone is welcome to submit proposals on the ESOF website site, according to the relevant guidelines. The deadline is set on 15 September 2009, at 15,00 (3 p.m.) Central European Time.