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Dialogue games get experts talking in Trieste

2 September 2009 - 3 September 2009
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On 3rd and 4th September 2009, science communication professionals met in Trieste to discuss future developments for the dialogue game Decide and other such dialogue activities. The workshop was hosted by Sissa Medialab as part of Ecsite’s FUND project, and welcomed 27 experts from the Ecsite network and further afield, spanning 12 European countries.

The Decide game is is a simple tool to conduct deliberative debates in museums, schools, pubs and even at home. It was launched as part of a European project, and has continued to be used, long after its initial funding ran out. Although the game is played face-to-face, the tools to play it are freely downloadable online and the game is adaptable in terms of the scientific topics it addresses.

The workshop looked at how dialogue games can be tools to develop local networks. Participants shared their experiences of the different contexts in which Decide has been used, and their ideas as to possible innovations on the existing format and usage. A particular focus was put on the role of the facilitator in a dialogue games, and how the FUND project can best be adapted to the needs of individuals who organise these activities.



FUND was a platform to enable active players in the cities to network and create opportunities for dialogue and engagement with science. The main outcome of the project is a discussion game to talk in a simple and effective way about controversial issues.