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Design for growth: towards systemic change

Credit vog.photo at Ars Electronica

In our final week young learners from across Europe will be placed on centre stage: for us to construct a shared narrative of the future we need to understand the experiences and world views of the next generation. From here we will reflect back to the learning scenarios we created and identify the consequences or impacts they could create, allowing us to commit to acting on this future by making our own “Commitment to Action”.

Outcomes from this event

  • Insight into how you can contribute to systemic change now
  • Gain awareness and perspective by hearing from the next generation
  • Completed Phase 3 of the Futures Thinking journey: leaving with their own plan of action to commit in their local context


Aris Papadopoulos


  • Learners from within SySTEM 2020
  • Sophie Perry (Science Gallery Dublin)
  • Autumn Brown (Science Gallery Dublin)
  • Aris Papadopoulos (LATRA)

Please note that this session will run from 15.00-17.00 CET. More detailed programme information will follow in the coming weeks!


  • informal science learning
  • SySTEM2020
  • #ecsiteworkrooms
  • Ecsite Workroom


Imagining futures for informal learning

How then do we make sure that the informal science learning sector works in pursuit of justice and equity? How do we empower a diverse generation to be resilient agents of change, who realise a socially just world? We are inviting you to tackle these questions with us with the help of design fiction, whereby we speculate what kind of future we hope for by interrogating the past and the present.