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Design for experience: engaging audiences

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In the first of our three sessions, we will take inspiration from Keynote speaker Dr. Frederic Bertley: scientist, science communicator, diversity in STEM advocate and President and CEO of COSI - Center of Science and Industry, Columbus, Ohio. From here, workroom participants will embark on a journey of “futures thinking”, working in small groups to reimagine a more just future supported by equitable and accessible informal science learning as one part of a wider system. Facilitators will provide access points and structured templates and exercises to reach this future over the course of the three workroom sessions.

Outcomes from this event

  • Overview of the field, challenges and opportunities
  • Familiarity with SySTEM 2020 Design Principles
  • Completed Phase 1 of the Futures Thinking journey: Where we have come from - what big changes have shaped our field in the past 30 years?


  • Keynote speaker: Frederic Bertley
  • Julie Becker
  • Mairéad Hurley
  • Eva Durall

Please note that this session will run from 15.00-17.00 CET. More detailed programme information will follow in the coming weeks!


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  • informal science learning
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Imagining futures for informal learning

How then do we make sure that the informal science learning sector works in pursuit of justice and equity? How do we empower a diverse generation to be resilient agents of change, who realise a socially just world? We are inviting you to tackle these questions with us with the help of design fiction, whereby we speculate what kind of future we hope for by interrogating the past and the present.