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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Exhibit development
Heather FarnworthLisa R TucciGail SymingtonDidier LavalBruno Araújo-Gomes

It takes more than a great idea or unique collection to produce a traveling exhibition other science centres will want to host. This session will uncover what it takes to get started in touring exhibitions. We will cover:

  • The...
  • Explainers & visitor services
    Ian SimmonsIan RussellJana BittnerováPeeranut KanhadilokKaterina Ruban

    Children’s toys are uniquely successful in attracting and holding children’s interest, stimulating their curiosity, empowering their creativity and inspiring their imagination. Surely, as professional communicators of science, technology,...

    Explainers & visitor services
    Marjelle van HoornKaren DaviesMarjolein van BreemenNils Petter HauanMarie HobsonSally Collins

    How can science museums and centres create memorable experiences that inspire students about science and the natural world and that also support the school curriculum, without any facilitator? What does the perfect self-guided school experience...

    Explainers & visitor services
    Ramon SanguesaIrene Lapuente AguilarLaurence HumierMoritz Moritz StefanerSusanne Jaschko

    Food can help us learn about science and about food itself. We’ll explore novel methods to engage audiences with a familiar material and to show scientific ideas and processes. This will allow us to: 1. visualise scientific data 2. stimulate...

    Equity & Inclusion
    Louise WindfeldtAiyana HudginsHeidrun SchulzeSpela Godec

    Many people think that science is not for people like them: they are not the ‘right’ gender, they do not have the ‘right’ background, or they are perhaps not ‘good enough’ students. In this session, we will highlight why thinking about identities...

    Explainers & visitor services
    Matteo MerzagoraKamil RogulskiMaria Xanthoudaki

    In this reverse session, explainers and other staff responsible for face-to-face interaction on the exhibition floor are invited to reflect on the trends and future challenges of our field. What might be the implications for daily practice, or...

    Explainers & visitor services
    Weronika ŚliwaThomas KraupeMaciej MuchaAnna ÖstMarc Moutin

    Sometimes in a science centre or nearby there is one huge exhibit: a planetarium, hosting at least a few dozen visitors simultaneously. How to treat it? Is it a separate place with distinct aims from the rest of the science centre or does it...

    Explainers & visitor services
    Nico PitrelliCarlo MaioliniWiktor GajewskiAnna Darron

    New format: in the five first minutes of the session, audience, convenor and speakers decide which goal(s) the panel should reach within the given time.

    Many activists use scientific evidence to promote social change. Other pressure groups...

    Explainers & visitor services
    Heather KingEmma PegramJustin DillonHenrik SellIlse van ZeelandPreeti Gupta

    Natural history museums are more than simple storehouses – they share a mission of promoting appreciation, understanding and conservation of the natural world. But are we getting this across to our visitors? In this reverse session, round tables...