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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Marketing & communication
Clara LimLim Tit MengDorothée VatinelSean Clarke

Pop culture is by definition popular – so why not use it to convert potential audiences? Popular recognizable characters can act as a hook for attracting new audiences by providing a face and voice. Universcience, for example, shares their...

Explainers & visitor services
Jane DowdenKayte McSweeneyJohn DowneyKathrin Kösters

Games can give a real sense of fun, playfulness and excitement to motivate and engage teenagers. Games encourage interaction, participation and discussion. Games can simulate real life scenarios by testing our willingness to take risks in a safe...

Marc Moutin

Preview current and upcoming travelling science exhibitions across Europe. This fast-paced session will give you a glimpse of the enormous range of exhibitions on offer, leaving it up to you to make contacts and find out more.

Explainers & visitor services
Maarten OkkersenLAURENT CHICOINEAUMonika MayerLeonel AlegreIan BrunswickSherry MarshallAndy Lloyd

The first museums were, in a way, a consequence of the Enlightenment movement and the liberal ideals of the French Revolution. The first science museums were perhaps part of the Industrial Revolution. The world kept spinning since then and new (...

Equity & Inclusion
Antonio Gomes da CostaAndrea BandelliLeo SchenkElisabetta Tola

Many activists use scientific evidence to promote social change. Other pressure groups deny or distort scientific evidence to support irrational or religious beliefs. As experts in science communication, where do science centres and museums stand...

Explainers & visitor services
Maya HalevyVarda Gur Ben ShitritSally CollinsBrian Levine

How can science centres inspire a new generation of scientists? We present three programs that are exposing youth to science, scientists, and research methods and skills: A school-visit program, an intense week of work with scientists, and a...

Explainers & visitor services
Jon HaavieSabina BarcucciGène BertrandIan SimmonsJon HaaviePatricia Verheyden

Maker Faire is the world’s greatest festival for creativity and making. This is where technology, art and science meet. It is a festival where inventors, artists, hackers, enthusiasts, geeks, craftsmen and tinkerers – can show others what they...

Science ♥ society
Ahmet Üzümcü

Ahmet Üzümcü is the Director general of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). The OPCW is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2013.

H.E. Mr Ahmet Üzümcü was appointed Director- General of the OPCW in December...
Equity & Inclusion
Manuel Cira

Our planet is our home. However, it is a finite world which will have to satisfy the needs of 12 billion people by 2100. How can we foster innovation so as to help make our planet a better place to live for all? How can we generate new...

Norbert Steinhausilse MarschalekMaria ZоlоtоnоsаMelanie SmallmanMarzia Mazzonetto

Are we successful at involving different stakeholders in the debate on emerging technologies? At what stage of the research process should stakeholders be involved? These issues are part of the new European challenge of Responsible Research and...

Marketing & communication
Harrie SchlechtriemCathrine Strøm NøstvoldElina VesanenCecilia Ekstrand

Teachers in primary and secondary schools are one of the science center’s most important target groups. In this session, Heureka (Finland), Tom Tits Experiment (Sweden), VilVite (Norway) and Continium – Discovery Center Kerkrad (...

Alexandre QuintanilhaMao ImaizumiSophie BougéCarmen GuerraLeonel Alegre

When developing a new exhibition most science centres rely on scientists and scientific institutions. But what do we expect from them? Expertise and skill, validation and acknowledgment, creativity and inspiration, or even money? In this session...