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When art meets Space

The blend of science and creativity can trigger curiosity in areas of space science and technology that differ from those traditionally pursued by science engagement, in ways that may inspire broader audiences to go on new explorations... This panel session will mix interventions from a research-informed practitioner that sketch the current thinking around the impact of Art & space Science experiences for visitors of science engagement organisations and the factors contributing to impact and examples of projects (exhibitions, performances, installations and other projects) that illustrate this practice in the area of space and highlight the strengths of this perspective as well as aspects that need further development. In the last quarter of the session, speakers will join discussion tables to explore with participants the questions 'What have I heard? What can I add? What can I take home to my organisation/bring into my own practice?'. This session is proposed by the Ecsite Space Group and speakers include:

  • A representative of MUST (Italy): permanent exhibition curated by Viviana Panaccia ‘Fragility and Beauty - taking the pulse of our planet from Space’ opened at MUST in April 2019 and other projects that involve emotions and collaborations with the creative industry;
  • A representative of Ciudad de las Artes et las Ciencias (Spain): Multi-mirror projection room developed in collaboration with ESA for their permanent exhibition
  • A representative of Leiden University (The Netherlands) & Ciência Viva (Portugal): Open Space, collaborations between Modern Dance and Space Sciences.

Knowledge and inspiration for experimenting with science, art and space in their organisations: Thinking around the practice of experiment space in science engagement organisations.


Executive Director of Ciência Viva
Head of Outreach Coordination office
Coordinator of the Ecsite Space Group for ESA

Session speakers

Camilla Rossi-Linnemann
Development - International Partnership Coordinator
Member of the Board of Directors of Ciência Viva /University Professor Astronomy & Society