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Touring spectacular & ambitious exhibitions: how?

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To be easily travelling, an exhibition must comply with various requirements: reasonable weight and size, quick setting up and dismantling process, stackable design in order to minimize transport volume, etc. As a result, many travelling exhibitions end up looking like clones, with very simple shapes and poor scenography which meets these constraints.

And yet, some exhibitions with spectacular and immersive design travel very successfully all around the world. What are the technical solutions that allow these exhibitions to travel without giving up their audaciously ambitious form?

Speakers will present the lessons learnt from several examples, failures as well as successes, in a very pratical way. The convenor will then guide an open discussion between audience and speakers.


Deputy Director of exhibitions

Session speakers

Senior Exhibition Partnerships Manager
Treasures of the Natural World The latest exhibition from London’s Natural History Museum’ aims to achieve the spectacular. Launched early in 2017 this exhibition questions the key components of touring exhibitions and their way forward. The speaker is sharing an insight into this latest exhibition project comparing it to some of the team’s existing exhibition experiences to discuss ‘the Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ of Travelling Exhibitions.
architect - scenographic designer
universcience - Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie
Let us open up a world of possibilities ! Through 3 recent contrasting experiences (« Leonardo da Vinci, projects, drawings, machines » , « Urban Mutations, the city is ours ! » and « Darwin, the original »), I will share various possible options for high standard touring exhibitions with strong scenographic environnement and also admit how sometimes the initial intentions have to be reduced or re-organized to be presented elsewhere.
President and CEO
Travelling Exhibitions: a matter of Flexibility? In travelling exhibitions hosting Museums and Institutions expect standardized - but at the same time - „individual“ solutions, which respect their profile, audience and their unique exhibition spaces. A case for „Mission Impossible“?