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Supporting equity and inclusion in science learning outside the classroom

Do you struggle to create a balanced partnership between art and science collaborators? Are you interested in creating equitable events which encompass a wide range of learner identities and perspectives but finding the choice of a robust theoretical foundation difficult? This session brings together researchers and practitioners from SySTEM2020 and STEM Inside: Arts-integrated STEM Learning Programmes. At the heart of both initiatives is a focus on equitable and inclusive practice supported by strong and innovative theoretical frameworks.

We will explore how art-science programming can engage learners from marginalised communities in informal spaces. We will share background, perspectives and real-life examples of an inspiring and inclusive art-science approach. Following the discussion, you will then have the opportunity to join the conversation through interactive polling.


Joseph Roche
Astrophysicist and Assistant Professor in Science Education

Session speakers

Research Fellow
London School of Economics
United Kingdom
Sam Mejias is a Research Fellow and Lecturer in the Department of Media and Communications at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He conducts research on social justice and equity in education and media across several connected strands of work. At the session he will discuss a new framework for STEAM pedagogy developed with the team from the Science Learning+: STEM Inside international research project.
Aalto University
Eva Durall is postdoctoral researcher at the Learning Environments research group at Aalto University. At the session, she will share design principles and best practices for supporting equity and inclusion in science learning outside the classroom. The design principles that Eva will introduce have been generated through a co-design process as part of “SySTEM 2020: Connecting Science Learning Outside the Classroom”.
Autumn Brown
PhD researcher
Science Gallery, Trinity College
Autumn Brown is a PhD researcher at the School of Education and Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin. She will be sharing a new conceptual framework on capturing and evaluating informal science learning opportunities. Her research is focused on the impacts of art on the culture of science and the work that happens at the crossroads of STEM and humanities-based disciplines.
Guerilla Science
United Kingdom
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