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Storytelling: from social media to academic publishing

Commitment: 21st century skills

How can we make social media more credible and reliable? A Smiley Mmmface How can we make academic publications less tedious and dull? A Smiley Curiousmonocle How many emojis will we get away with using in the chat function of our interactive session? A Smiley Starryeyes Find out the answers as you delve into two extremes of science communication storytelling; social media and academic publishing. Drawing on the experiences of researchers, journalists, and museum professionals, this workshop will focus on taking back control of the stories we tell through museums, mass media, and social media. As well as sharing best practice guidelines for social media, this workshop will demonstrate a new handbook to help museum professionals take their first steps into academic writing. These outputs come from a two-year science communication research project called QUEST, investigating the issues faced by those working in research, journalism, social media and the museum sector.. Now join us on our QUEST to strengthen the society ❤ science relationship H Objects Threestars


Joseph Roche
Researcher and Lecturer in Science Education
Trinity College Dublin

Session speakers

Research Coordinator
Trinity College Dublin
Laura Bell will share her expert insights into academic writing, particularly how science engagement professionals can publish their work.
Assistant Professor
Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Fabiana Zollo will share her expert insights into social media best practice, particularly what can be done in a time of widespread disinformation and misinformation spreading.