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Storytelling with... circuits

In this hands-on session we will explore electrical circuits in depth, investigating the tinkering practices and sharing possibilities for taking these ideas to new heights by emphasizing storytelling, narrative, and collaboration. We’ll base our explorations on Paper Circuits, a familiar tinkering activity where participants use copper tape, LEDs and coin cell to create cards that combine science and art content and practices.

We’ll expand on the classic activity by encouraging participants to build around a theme, experiment with more artistic practices, and contribute to a large-scale interactive mural that will stay up during the conference. These "high ceilings” serve to deepen investigations and strengthen connections between different tinkering processes and the ways engineers, computer programmers, scientists and artists make use of electrical concepts.


Co-Founder, Education
Wonderful Idea Co.
Freiburg im Breisgau

Session speakers

Tinkering Studio R&D lead
San Francisco
United States
Learning Project Manager
Makerversity Amsterdam