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Science centres and policymaking: a shared vision

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The main purpose of this session is to share and debate best practices and strategies to drive the interaction between science centres and policymaking. Our speakers have relevant experience both as policymakers or advisers and as science centre CEOs. The session will showcase practical outcomes that sprang out from this combination of policy-related work and science centre leadership. These cases have a two-folded nature. On the one hand, policymaking finds a source of vision and a sense of public service in science centre professional experience; on the other hand, familiarity with policymaking helps when dealing with the daily life of museum and science centre governance, particularly in matters of professional development, funding and advocacy. These cases will be inspirational for those involved in complex and demanding relationships with governments, parliaments and public administration departments, both at national and local levels.


Session speakers

Chief Executive Officer
Science North
Bruno Maquart, © Sandrine Expilly
Chairman and CEO