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Prototyping futures thinking games

This one-day prototyping workshop is for anyone with a desire to engage with the concept of futures thinking related to sustainability and engineering. Science communicators and educators from around the globe will share examples of sustainability and engineering games they created. Based on learning from these successful games, you then have the opportunity to begin the process of visualising and conceptualising your own games to help your own visitors consider the future. The speakers' expertise in sustainability, engineering, game design and science communication will help you to consider futures orientated topics such as biodiversity loss, climate change and artificial intelligence.

The workshop will combine introductions with an overview of games and the game ideation process itself, as well as a session to discuss and share our learning together.

A more detailed programme can be found here.


Academic Researcher and Director of National Outreach Initiatives
Boston University
United States

Session speakers

Exhibit Developer
Centro Cultural de la Ciencia
Buenos Aires
Leo will share an educational escape room game he created at Centro Cultural de la Ciencia in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as broad insights from his experience and education in game design.
Education officer
Paolo will share an example of a game he created at MUSE, in Italy, called Extinction is Forever, to engage his audience around issues of sustainability and environmental decision-making.
Manager of National Outreach Initiatives
Boston University
Dr. Sandra Rodegher is a Senior Sustainability Scientist whose research focuses on future-oriented deliberation for more robust and equitable sustainability decision-making. She will provide a theoretical foundation from which participants can work to build their games. Sandra also has spent the last 4 years teaching museum educators about sustainability and developing hands-on activities for museums.
Academic Researcher and Director of National Outreach Initiatives
Boston University
United States
Dr. Stacey Freeman is a Senior Sustainability Scholar who has spent the last 15 years creating educational programs to promote educational equity with museums, schools and nonprofit organizations. For the last four years, she has worked closely with museum educators across the world to implement sustainability and engineering activities.
Director of Sustainability
California Academy of Sciences
San Francisco
United States
As Director of Sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences, Dr. Elizabeth Bagley oversees cross-functional sustainability programs that are critical to the institution’s mission to explore, explain, and sustain life on Earth. She seeks to create relevant, researched, and relatable sustainability content and initiatives that inspire the Academy’s audiences to take action to help people and the planet thrive together.