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The power of young voices in a planetary emergency

At a time of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss, young people are showing determination and creating projects to lead the way. This session highlights the approaches that museums have taken to collaborate with young people. Our Broken Planet from the Natural History Museum in London offers a series of live events, promoting young, diverse voices from around the world and focusing on dialogue and action. Sustainable Futures Academy of the Berlin School at the Museum für Naturkunde has an interdisciplinary approach and young people work together with researchers, creative professionals and artists to create innovative answers for a sustainable future. Naturalis summoned sixty young people and created YouthXNaturalis. Together they wrote a manifesto in the run-up to the Dutch parliamentary elections in 2021. Programme leaders from these institutions share their approaches and views in the midst of this planetary crisis.

This session is part of the Biodiversity and climate crisis conference track.


Assistant Professor in Science Education
Trinity College Dublin

Session speakers

International Partnerships Manager
United Kingdom
Camilla has strategic steer over the events programme for Our Broken Planet. These events platform young, diverse voices from across the world including artists, scientists, Indigenous environmentalists and climate justice activists. She will discuss the highlights and drawbacks of taking a new approach to programming events for the Natural History Museum during the pandemic.
Public Engagement Manager
Museum für Naturkunde
Mhairi will share the experience of bringing together the unlikely partners of young people, scientists and creative professionals in the Sustainable Futures Academy programme, and discuss how successfully they collaborated towards a common goal.
Amy van Nobelen
Science communication officer
Amy will discuss how Naturalis takes a more active stance in the social debate on biodiversity, nature and climate. She will tell how they work with young people who are concerned about the quality of life on our planet for future generations, to find common ground and how to keep the group together.