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Pollinator Park: using immersive technologies for biodiversity awareness

Commitment: Climate & biodiversity crisis

How do you make people fall in love with nature in a digital environment? How do you make them experience the loss of nature here and now? And how do you empower them to act?

The European Commission’s dystopian virtual reality experience Pollinator Park uses gamification, storytelling and immersive technologies to bring the message of alarming insect decline and the need for urgent action closer to wide audiences. Pollinator Park offers a glimpse of the bleak future that awaits unless we radically change our relationship with nature.

Creating the VR experience forced everyone involved in the production process to think outside their own individual expertise, which brought about many opportunities and challenges. Together with the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona and the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, the experience is designed for dissemination in museums, events and educational institutions.


Head of Scientific Area

Session speakers

Creative Technologist
Poppins & Wayne
Wim will talk about the power of immersive technologies to engage people in a more impactful way; the possibilities and challenges of hosting Pollinator Park in a museum
Communication officer
European Commission
Tanja will talk about the new ways of engaging people about biodiversity loss and EU’s efforts to build coalitions with the global museum community.
Carole Paleco
International relations and projects
Carole will talk about the challenge of merging science and fiction, and the role of museums in taking Pollinator Park from virtual reality to real life - as curators on the journey from awareness raising to engagement.