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Plans and projects: our goals, our dreams, our strategies

What are our plans, dreams, goals and strategies for future permanent exhibitions?

This pecha kucha session focuses on new permanent capital projects covering science centres, museums and exhibitions that are currently in the start-up and/or design phase. Presenters will give you a short overview of their project, containing their goals and dreams, who they want to reach and what they want their future audience to take away from their visit. What is their strategy to get there? And at which point are they now?


Audience Engagement Advisor
Lizzy Moriarty
United Kingdom

Session speakers

Project Manager
Building a science centre isn’t an everyday opportunity... Although I would say that it can be a decades story! After two years working on the project of a new science centre planned to open in 2022 in Grenoble, I am willing to share some initial dreams and the realities, challenges, disappointments, excitements, the ups and downs that will hopefully lead one day to the opening of a new cool place for science engagement
Director Utrecht University Museum
Utrecht University Museum embarks on a complete makeover. Our ambition is to become the first research museum of the Netherlands. Not a science museum, that presents the results of scientific research, but a research museum, that involves the visitor in the scientific process. We are currently in the process of designing the new exhibitions, which means in our case: designing visitor behaviour first. We are happy to share this new and exceptional approach.
Patricia Verheyden
Curator of interactive experiences
Geneva 23
CERN is developing Science Gateway, a new scientific education and outreach centre targeting the general public of all ages and backgrounds. Science Gateway will include exhibition spaces, laboratories for hands-on experiments for children and students from primary to high-school level, and a large amphitheatre to host science events for experts and non-experts alike. The exhibitions will combine immersive scenography with interactive exhibits and real scientific objects.
Science Popularisation Collaborative
A team of experts both from the science centre field and the amusement park industry developed the concept of an educational experience park which uses the theme of aviation. In an attractive setting it combines the best of both worlds: attractions and interactive exhibits. It's a unique combination of learning and fun. Both the challenges and the opportunities during the development and pre-realization phases will be shared.
Acting CEO
ILMI - A World of Science and Innovation
Saudi Arabia
ILMI - A World of Science and Innovation will be the inspirational epicenter of a kingdom that embraces science innovation as the key to its future. It will be a dynamic and active destination that children and families will really want to visit. The aspiration is to create a multi-layered, multi-faceted experience that supports a fractal approach, layering and building experiences and content, and enabling learning journeys that, fueled by curiosity, can delve from the broad into increasing depth and complexity.
Cultural innovations Ltd
The Mecca Clocktower is in a unique location, in a focal point for almost 1.5 billion people. The Museum of the Universe, Solar System and Time at the top of the Mecca Clocktower has existed for several years but has only recently opened to the public. The museum is located high-up in the world’s 3rd tallest building, it is high-quality with a Lunar Research Centre to explore and be enjoyed. As a dramatic space in an iconic location, operational and exhibition strategies will provide enhancements creating a meaningful experience to appeal to the targeted 30 million annual visitors to Mecca.
Deputy Director-General
China Science and Technology Museum
In recent years, more than 200 science centers and mobile science facilities covering both urban and rural areas have been built in China. At a high pace, know how in setting up new science popularization facilities were acquired. In the next decade again 100 new science centers and science popularization facilities will be developed. The rich pallet of know how and experience and a number of lessons learnt will be presented.
Deputy General Director
The Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport is undergoing a complete transformation. Moving to a brand new location we will have over 10 000 square meters to showcase our collection. We are currently developing a new permanent exhibition that tells the history of mobility and raises questions about its future from the perspective of sustainability. Simultaneously, we are creating a whole new museum devoted to the topic of innovation. My talk will introduce these two projects.
For 18 years, the Planetarium Science Center was up and running to serve the Egyptian students in Alexandria. Having 100M inhabitants in Egypt, 60% of them are under 35, leaving Alexandria is the ideal case. The PSC is in the process of creating a mobile science center, entitled “PSC on Wheels”. The project is planned to contain mobile units, delivering hands-on activities in an enthusiastic ambience, with a main focus to cover rural areas and villages all over Egypt.