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Once upon a time... climate stories in science shows

How do we talk to our audiences about climate change? The world of science has used many different techniques for this purpose: lectures, workshops, publications, exhibitions ... Understanding the mechanisms of this phenomenon is necessary to motivate people to act, but it is insufficient: as organisers of this workshop, we believe that only a combination of personal experience combined with awareness is the key to success. That’s why we want to focus on an activity which connects these two approaches: a science show. But not a show that already exists; on a new show that we will create together during this one-day workshop.

In addition to the tools that make the show attractive, we will focus on what distinguishes a science show from other activities - the possibility of arousing emotions. It is this aspect of science shows that allows us to transport viewers into the world of their imaginations, their feelings, their opinions. It is no different when we look to communicate climate change. With the help of experienced storytellers and science communicators we will try to shift from the world of knowledge and scientific research on climate change, to our everyday lives, where we will look for tangible traces of this global process in the environments around us. Then we will try to weave our personal stories into the narrative of the show to make it moving, inclusive and universal.

Due to the exchange of participants' experiences and a series of practical exercises, we want to end with one science show scenario on climate change. After the Conference, we will invite all participants to take part in further cooperation on the development of the show, and we will hold regular online meetings, during which we can all exchange experiences and give feedback from further individual work on the show.


Leader of science explainer team
Senior Researcher

Session speakers

Senior Public Engagement Officer
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
Science show development has been a way for Marilena to inject her performance training into her Natural Sciences background. A firm believer in strong narratives, she uses the power of stories to make the visitor experience relatable, credible, memorable.
Des Cini Education Programme Developer Esplora
Education Programme & Content Developer
Des is an Education Content Developer at Esplora, and his main background is in Geography. He contributes mainly to topics related to Earth Sciences and so climate change is a big topic of interest. Esplora aims at being as sustainable as possible in all kinds of aspects and raising awareness with future change makers is very essential. He will pass on his knowledge in science show development mainly in experiments, science communication tools and techniques in shows, and there is always room for a tiny bit of humour.
CEO Spelenderwijzer
Spelenderwijzer vzw
Patrik has a PhD in Biochemistry and worked for several years as a researcher and project manager in the pharmaceutical industry. His organization “Spelenderwijzer” (meaning “learning by playing”) creates and brings workshops and science theatre on location. The strength of their science theatre is the combination of professional actors and musicians with science educators, making the story and acting the motor of the play. Patrik will share his experience with importance of storytelling, using comic relief to lighten your show and the strength of theater lighting to enhance a story.