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Ocean plastic – how can science centres contribute to solutions?

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Addressing complex, multi-stakeholder topics in science is one of the biggest challenges for science centres and museums nowadays. These topics are often far-removed from people's daily lives and making them engaging for the public requires appropriate skills and experience.

This session takes the topic of marine litter as a prime example. Plastic pollution in the ocean is a problem which affects and is affected by our daily lives, and we often are not aware of it. Science centres, museums and aquariums are extremely well placed to invite stakeholders to a dialogue based on reliable science. But how can we bring them in? And how can we engage the public to discuss those topics?

We will hear quick-fire presentations from professionals involved in projects like Sea for Society, Sea Change and MARINA, before breaking into small group discussions. We'll be sharing experiences about the difficulties we've faced in different projects and activities across Europe, so bring your own challenges along to be discussed!


Executive Director of Ciência Viva
Head of International Relations
Nausicaa Centre National de la Mer

Session speakers

Coordinator of Science Outreach Office
Best practices to communicate Marine Litter to the society: an art & science project involving schools and general public in Portugal.
Programme Specialist at UNESCO-IOC
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO
Addressing policy makers and the industry is essential if we want to reduce marine litter.