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New projects: our goals, our dreams, our strategies - Part 2

This is part two of a pecha kucha-type session whereby new science centres, science museums, exhibitions... that are currently in the start up and/or design phase will be presented. Presenters will give a short overview of their project. What are their goals and dreams? Who do they want to reach and what do they want their future audience to take away from their visit? What is their strategy to get there? And at which point are they now?


Head of Cultural and Commercial Partnerships
United Kingdom

Session speakers

Cultural innovations Ltd
United Kingdom
The Mecca Clocktower is in a unique location, in a focal point for almost 1.5 billion people. Enhancements are planned for the Museum of the Universe, Solar System and Time at the top of the Clocktower. The museum has existed for several years but only initially opened to the public in 2019 while an enhancement masterplan was developed. The museum is a dramatic space in an iconic location with the capacity to deliver an outstanding experience to a wider audience.
Project Manager
Building a science centre isn’t an everyday opportunity... Although I would say that it can be a decades story! After three years working on the project of a new science centre planned to open in 2023 in Grenoble, I am willing to share some initial dreams and the realities, the challenges and excitements, the ups and downs that will hopefully lead to the opening of a new place for science engagement!
photo of Stacy Wakeford
Director, Content
Canadian Museum of Nature
The Canadian Museum of Nature is embarking on a new project: to design and build a new multi-function programming space in the Water Gallery for in-person and digital programming, that will include a live “touch tank” where visitors can touch the animals.
Patricia Verheyden
Curator of interactive experiences
Geneva 23
CERN is developing Science Gateway, a new scientific education and outreach centre targeting the general public of all ages and backgrounds. Science Gateway will include exhibition spaces, laboratories for hands-on experiments for children and students from primary to high-school level, and a large amphitheatre to host science events for experts and non-experts alike. The exhibitions will combine immersive scenography with interactive exhibits and real scientific objects.