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New projects: our goals, our dreams, our strategies - Part 1

In this pecha kucha type session new science centres, science museums, exhibitions... that are currently in the start up and/or design phase will be presented. Presenters will give a short overview of their project. What are their goals and dreams? Who do they want to reach and what do they want their future audience to take away from their visit? What is their strategy to get there? And at which point are they now? This is part one of a two-part session, make sure to join us for part two!


Head of Cultural and Commercial Partnerships
United Kingdom

Session speakers

Utrecht University Museum embarks on a complete makeover. Our ambition is to become the first research museum of the Netherlands. Not a science museum, that presents the results of scientific research, but a research museum, that involves the visitor in the scientific process. We will not just explain what the scientific method is, but allow the public to perform the scientific method, and in so doing understand more about the nature of science. Currently, construction work on the building and design work for the new exhibitions are underway. We look forward to share our experiences with you.
Director of Programs
A science museum - Misk Foundation
Saudi Arabia
A first of its kind science museum is being developed in Saudi Arabia under Misk Foundation. Scheduled to open in 2023, it aims to empower future creators with inspiring learning experiences that make discovering science both fun and accessible for all. The museum is a fully interactive and immersive experience focused on fostering young people’s passion for Science and Technology. It has an area of with 12,000 square meters for permanent exhibitions, classrooms, labs, gardens and temporary exhibition space.
Senior Manager of Educational Programs
For 19 years, the Planetarium Science Center served the Egyptian youth in Alexandria Facing the fact that Egypt is very wide, having a mass of 100 M, 60% under 35 y, staying in Alexandria is not ideal. We are in the process of creating a mobile science center, entitled “Science on Wheels”. The project is s planned to contain mobile units, delivering hands-on activities and exhibits, captivating the students out of the school mood, with a main focus on rural areas and villages all over Egypt.
The Martorell Museum, inaugurated in 1882, was the first public museum in Barcelona and the embryo of the current Natural Science Museum. Its integral renovation will be completed at the beginning of 2023. This new venue will house an Exhibition on the evolution of natural history and science museums from the first curiosity cabinets, linked to the evolution of knowledge, science and society. The Documentation Centre and library of the Museum, with its 25.000 items, will also be in this venue.