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Living in the Anthropocene

We are living in a critical period, referred to by many as the Anthropocene. This defines not only our impact on the planet, but our awareness and influence in shaping the future. How can we truly engage audiences so that they feel like key players in the Anthropocene, empowered to make meaningful decisions and take proactive steps towards a positive future?

This session will begin with a brief summary from each speaker on their organisation’s approach to this complex stage in our human history and then progress with brainstorming and open discussion to shape and propose interactive engagement experiences and establish where humans place value at this critical time.


International Partnerships Manager
United Kingdom

Session speakers

Acting Head of Programming
Science Gallery Dublin
Aisling will discuss how Science Gallery Dublin's approach to programming considers the 'A' in STEAM to not just be for Art but also Activism and the responsibility on cultural institutions and science centres to proactively support civic engagement. Using examples from Science Gallery's learning, exhibitions and events programme she will showcase how they engage young people in critical thinking and equip their audience with the tools to anticipate and engage with challenges and debates facing society.
Head of Communication / Director of the Hall of Biodiversity - Ciência Viva Center
Taking up the Hall of Biodiversity - Ciência Viva Center as an example, Maria will provide an overview on how to address pressing environmental and societal issues relating to the Anthropocene based on a positive outlook. Specifically, by focusing on the permanent exhibition of this unit of the Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto, whose narrative unfolds by presenting human beings as both targets and shapers of change in a museographic set up dominated by a strong aesthetic dimension, Maria will shed some light on how to mobilize our audiences in becoming proactive towards the preservation of nature and the building of a sustainable future in an optimistic way, by celebrating the beauty of life and recalling all that we have to lose if we do not take care of our planet.
Events Manager
Wiktor will talk about how the Copernicus Science Centre approaches various controversial science and tech-related subjects in general, and how the Przemiany Festival team tries to create a platform where people from very different backgrounds - scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, journalists, activists, designers, artists, or even lawyers and politicians - can meet and talk freely in order to spark in-depth conversations that hopefully generate more light than heat.