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Jumpstarting sustainability in your organisation


In this one-day workshop, participants will learn about sustainability - environmental resilience, social justice, & economic prosperity. The theme ‘Life is Everywhere’ is fitting since sustainability is about conserving nature while ensuring humans can live well on earth, now & in the future.

Speakers will frame the discussion by providing an introduction to sustainability and examples of sustainability in science centres and museums around the world. Attendees will brainstorm ways they can communicate and implement sustainability in their own organisations. This workshop will be led by sustainability professionals with different, but complimentary, areas of expertise. We will cover: operations, education/outreach, and organisational change. Participants will work together to develop and refine peer-vetted action plans to bring back to their home organisations.

A detailed programme is available here.


Academic Researcher and Director of National Outreach Initiatives
Boston University
United States

Session speakers

Image of Chris Dunford
Sustainability Engagement Manager
At-Bristol Science Centre
Chris Dunford is Sustainability Engagement Manager for the At-Bristol Science Centre. For the past five years Chris has helped At-Bristol find ways to inform and motivate the public around environmental issues using a range of techniques utilising his organization’s best practice as a case study of a sustainable organisation. Chris works closely with Bristol’s council, business partners and community organisations to make Bristol the European Green Capital 2015 and leading sustainability city.
Anna Gunnarsson is a teacher, developer and project manager at Navet science center in Borås Sweden. Currently, her main focus includes international collaborations for a sustainable future, entrepreneurial teaching in-sevice programs for teachers, and teaching Chemistry and Physics to young children thru experiments and storytelling.
Education officer
Paolo Degiovanni is a biologist with deep interests in environmental topics. Currently, he works at Muse – Science Museum in Trento for 4 years as a scientific explainer, designing and implementing educational activities about sustainability. Previously, he worked as a substitute teacher and curator of exhibitions and activities for the Genoa Science Festival.