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IP focus: producing an exhibition by adapting an existing work

Adapting a work into an exhibition is a way to attract a new audience and to update the way some topics are illustrated, but what are the implications and difficulties of adapting a book or a series into an exhibition? Are there specificities according to the type of work concerned? What are the basic rules and how should the export and promotion of the exhibition be organised? The implications of such a choice of subject can lead to various issues during the production process.

The panel, composed of curators and legal officers will share their experiences. The legal implications are various and copyright is one of them: how to deal with the copyright holders, during the coproduction and while organising the export of the exhibition?


Session speakers

legal officer
Anne will talk about two of Universcience’s adaptations (one from a book and one from a series) and their legal consequences, focusing on intellectual property. She will also consider the consequences of such agreements on the export of the Exhibitions.
Senior Vice President for Exhibits and Research
United States
Christine will discuss the processes and systems the Museum of Science have in place to work with Pixar Studios and protect their intellectual property as their joint exhibition "Science Behind Pixar" tours in the US and around the world. The Museum of Science works closely with Pixar Studios when designing new content for the exhibitions that aligns with the new films, and also on the review and approval of all marketing materials and branded items for the gift shop.
President & CEO
United States
Brands are a powerful tool to attract a varied audience. It is even more true when a franchise is associated with relevant and educational content. With the long-term experience of creating and touring different IPs, through Angry Birds, Jurassic World, or more recently, Downton Abbey, Imagine Exhibitions will share his know-how and expertise behind recreating a “full brand experience”.