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Innovation: a potential to achieve a Blue Society

Our planet is our home. However, it is a finite world which will have to satisfy the needs of 12 billion people by 2100. How can we foster innovation so as to help make our planet a better place to live for all? How can we generate new activities by making a better use of the wealth of the oceans? How can we shift the current ecological, social, economic and cultural paradigms toward a Blue Society? The Blue Society concept brings together organizations and people around a new vision of society, which incorporates the Ocean in a sustainable way to enable an equitable distribution of its riches. Members of the Blue Society Expert Group (Sea for Society), and the Blue Society Lab (Fr.), will share their vision of the Blue Society, and discuss with participants some opportunities for ECSITE members to engage with the public and stakeholders.


Head of International Relations
Nausicaa Centre National de la Mer

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Session speakers

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