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The Grand Bazaar

Welcome to the Grand Bazaar, an informal drop-in session featuring dozens of table-top activities – and their facilitators. This long-time favourite session returns to take you on a creative and inspiring journey with spicy experiments, hands-on activities and demonstrations from the best presenters. Our aim is to share our best experiences and spice up your life with new ideas to use everywhere you go. This is a great place to learn something new and get in contact with other playful and creative colleagues.

We will launch an open call for presenters in February 2022.


Head of Development

Session speakers

Science coach
How to make a working propeller in a few seconds. With a iron string, ruler, plier and water balloons, it is possible to make functioning propellers really fast. We wind up the iron string in a special pattern and add the balloons, and there it is. Working really well, and I will also show how to connect it to a power source like a motor or rubber bands.
Project manager - education and museums
Milo and his adventures, use kamishibai as a dissemination tool. A simple theatre kamishibai for the young public. Starting from a typical story of animals and fantasy it is possibile to introduce simples experimental activities and sensorials experiences.
Interactive Exhibit Developer - Science Show Performer
Hi there! I will share some on the fly exeriments on Magnetism and Electricity you can bring in your pocket or your backpack . Let's discover, amaze, discuss, have fun, learn together
Unizulu Science Centre
Richards Bay
South Africa
Come and stretch your brain with a little-mathamagic! Watch the amazing lightning calculator as he performs difficult calculations in a flash (without a calculator) and reads your mind! Learn some of his tricks to try on your friends and family at home and get a free set of magic number cards!
Director - Schwartz-Reisman Science Education Centers
Uncle Albert will present the use of musical instruments to learn about sound wave propagation.
Join the little «soil-lab» Healthy soils are essential for healthy plant growth, human nutrition, and water filtration. Soil helps to regulate the Earth's climate and stores more carbon than all of the world's forests combined. On this stand you can try som experiments with root- washing, water filtration and have a look at mesofauna – to learn about degration. Its at good «handson» activity to engage your guests to concern about soil as an ecosystem.
At this station you will be presented with a shadow puzzle. After solving the puzzle you will be able to hack and transform the shadow.
Ola Kleiven
Educator / Project Manager
Vitensenteret i Trondheim
At this station you will be presented with a shadow puzzle. After solving the puzzle you will be able to hack and transform the shadow.
The active Sun. We combine tinkering and satellite data of solar activity to create shiny take home suns with all there is: sunspots, magnetic loops, solar flares and mass ejections. We look at the latest images of the sun to observe what is going on on our closest star right now. As we are in the sun's active phase there is a chance of witnessing a big explosion.
Science Education Team Lead
Fluorescence in action. "By combining the powers of hands-on learning and fluorescence microscopy, our educational resource, Microscope in Action, infuses participants with excitement, stimulates the imagination and accelerates the learning process. Microscope in Action involves participants in an engaged STEM learning experience as they build a research-grade fluorescence microscope from optical, mechanical, electronic parts and further explore biological topics as they prepare, image and analyse fluorescent samples. It brings interdisciplinarity of science into focus as physics and biology seamlessly work together. It is flexible, customisable, accessible and comprehensive. Join us at the ECSITE 2022 Grand Bazaar to have the unique experience of experimenting with our star, the fluorescence learning microscope. You can build parts of the microscope, hunt for autofluorescence, or do image analysis. As you put the ‘microscope in action’ you may be inspired to bring the power of fluorescence to your audiences."
Science Educator, Head of Explainer-School, Researcher
The Power of Polarisation. Light ist magic! We will play around with polarizors and discover, how LCDs work.
Rebecca Klemm
Founder and Chief Numaginist
NumbersAlive Foundation!
United States
Transforming Two Circles into A Square Selfie Frame! "This hands-on activity is a wonderous example of geometric transformation that engages all ages. Though requiring only three materials: paper strips; tape; and scissors, this activity is far from simple. With magic-like qualities, it will leave children and adults questioning what just happened before their eyes. After the first step, this activity allows for endless options by varying the sizes, colors and angles used when putting the two circles together. Participants can hypothesize what will happen, and then find out immediately as the experiment is competed. For older learners, next steps can involve changing the circles to Moebius strips and hypothesizing about the ""apparent"" disappearance of Pi."
Digitalisation - Senior Consultant Digitalisation
We call it “Pure Phenomena Project”: Recalling the origins of science centers we want to explore how to present natural phenomena in the 21st century. Marvel at rainbows or Chladni figures and help us to make better exhibits!
Project Manager