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Global perspectives: overcoming the barriers

This session will address current societal challenges including inequality, climate change and vaccines. It draws together science communicators from different parts of the world to recount their experiences in science communication, and share their perspectives on the common theme of obstacles in science communication. Panellists will bring their insight and experience to bear in opening up discussion from multiple perspectives, proposing paths through and around obstacles often encountered in science communication.

The term ‘perspectives’ is derived from the art and science of optics: bringing together viewpoints and experiences, and looking through one another's eyes. With speakers from Brazil, Japan, South Africa, the USA and Europe, this session will do exactly that - share viewpoints and contribute to developing a common understanding of the different practices around the world, in line with the objectives of the EU project GlobalSCAPE.


Joseph Roche
Researcher and Lecturer in Science Education
Trinity College Dublin
Profile picture of Fiona Smyth
Research Fellow
Trinity College Dublin

Session speakers

Resarcher and science communicator
National Institute of Public Communication of Science and Technology
Rio de Janeiro
Luisa Massarani will talk about the similarities and differences of science journalism around the world, with a particular focus on Latin America.
Science Communicator
Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
I will address our science-communication program that provides citizens opportunities to research local aquatic ecosystems, especially fish species, and to interact with scientists. Our program had two features. First, citizens experience environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis. This is the most advanced method of surveying fish fauna, and it is easier than traditional methods. Second, an online workshop allows participants to discuss their local aquatic ecosystems with biologists.
Senior researcher
Stellenbosch University
South Africa
Marina Joubert is a science communication researcher at the Stellenbosch University in South Africa, who explores the role of scientists as public experts.
Head and shoulders shot of Lenna who has dark brown skin and is wearing glasses and black shirt with collar
Diversity & Inclusion Strategist
Inclusive Perspective
Lenna Cumberbatch is a diversity and inclusion strategist with experience working in education, the public sector and corporate environments in the UK and USA.
Andres Roldan
Executive Director
Parque Explora
As Director of Parque Explora, Colombia’s largest science museum, aquarium and planetarium, Andrés Roldán leads his team in the creation of interactive and innovative learning environments that contribute to the public appropriation of scientific and technological knowledge.