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Most of us don’t have the time to try out many serious games. We might have tried a couple of them and have gotten discouraged by their poor quality, or, lest say it, because we got bored. Time consuming, unequal quality: it doesn’t really triggers the desire to go further. And yet we might end up with a serious video game project into our hands. The game space is an opportunity to spend the time we usually lack to play. What better ways to get our opinion about serious game straighten than trying a few before getting into the adventure of making one of our own? From the compilation work done by Universcience, we have selected 10 videogames for you. Come and try them out during coffee breaks, between sessions etc. Selected games cover a variety of topics, levels, duration, design etc.


Malvina Artheau
Freelance - co-creation practices and projects
Artheau Accompagnement
Marc Jamous - Universcience
multimedia producer

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