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FUTURE PRESENT: Science Gallery virtual tour

What happens when our social media feeds lose all their user-generated content? What would the world be like if all of our bodily waste suddenly became a part of our clothing? Explore these questions and the way that our design choices shape our futures during our experimental session for FUTURE PRESENT: Design in a Time of Urgency!

Come and join this interactive, virtual conversation with our wonderful mediators; an engaging group of young people that are responsible for guiding the public through our exhibitions, asking the big (and small) questions, and having conversations about science and art, the world around us, and beyond. This online experience will be an online Zoom call where you can chat with our mediators and explore key works within FUTURE PRESENT from the comfort of your own home. The sessions are designed to be highly interactive, so please come prepared to ask and respond to questions, share your ideas, and participate in activities.


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Education and Learning Manager
Science Gallery Detroit

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