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The future of museum professionals’ professional development

Commitment: 21st century skills

The current crisis and its impact on the functioning and offerings of our museums have highlighted the need for all professionals to develop skills to face new challenges. It has also highlighted new ways of training; self-training, peer-to-peer exchange…

During this workshop we want to imagine together the future of professional development. We will discuss issues such as participation in professional development, the expected results at individual but also institutional level, the modalities (face to face, digital), the role of networking and the formalisation of skills.

The speakers will share existing examples of professional development that move away from the codes of classic training to respond to the needs of professionals; professional residencies and training designed by living-lab approaches.

Let’s envision new, concrete and compelling opportunities in the future!


Coordinator of the programs of human scientific mediation
Universcience - Cité des sciences et de l'industrie

Session speakers

Catherine designs and runs training courses for science explainers. In recent months, she has been experimenting with new ways of supporting professionals in developing their skills. She is involved in a new research and innovation methodology in conjunction with a team of researchers. She will share her outstanding questions but also her hopes for the future of professional development.
Director of Educational Programs
The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science
United States
Sara will feed the reflections with her experience of professional residencies at different career levels, their impact on building up networking, transfer of knowledge, and relevance at the institutional level.