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Fostering financial literacy

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Financial literacy or financial capability is at the heart of a healthy economy and also the basis for scientific research. No science project without funding or budgeting. Or think about science centres and museums: you need sound financial planning to build one and visitors need to have enough money to spare in order to visit.

Life requires money and informed financial decisions make life a lot easier. The financial learning centres contributing to this session have all set themselves the task to increase the financial capabilities of all citizens with a main focus on children and teenagers.

If people can start their financial lives knowing how to act responsibly, future problems can be avoided, prosperity can be increased.

Three institutions explain how they are tackling the dissemination of financial knowledge to different target groups, how success is evaluated and what the future holds in store.


Erste Financial Life Park

Session speakers

Director and curator of the Museum of Saving
Museum of Saving
Giovanna Paladino will talk about how to address the “art of money management” to a general public. In 2010, the Museo del Risparmio developed its contents by exploiting the potentials of edutainement and gamification as to deliver complex ideas in a very intuitive way. The efficacy of the adopted methodologies and of its laboratorial activities are constantly validated by major Italian universities and experts.
Erste Financial Life Park
Nina von Gayl will be speaking about the development of the Erste Financial Life Park in Vienna, the experiences and the challenges faced and tackled in this very interactive project. The FLiP is not about creating financial wizards but aims at raising financial confidence and preparing the visitors for an independent and prosperous life. She will also talk about a co-operation with the University of Economics in Vienna to evaluate the learning success of different financial literacy projects.
MIDE, Museo Interactivo de Economía
Mexico City
Ten years ago, the emergence of an interactive museum devoted to economics and finances in the midsts of the science center field seemed odd. Today, MIDE, the first of its kind, has gained international recognition for its innovative and engaging programs and its permanent use of evaluation as a key to success.