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Dreaming up the perfect exhibition

In a perfect world where budgets and feasibility are not obstacles what would exhibits and exhibitions be? Ordered like a school-book or creative-chaotic like a dream? With clear instructions or without guidelines? In color or black and white? With words or just images? Rational or full of emotion? In dreams there are no limits to what we can do, but reality is a different situation.

Every professional connected to exhibitions has their own dream. Begining with four specialist’s dreams, this workshop aims to arouse a hands-on debate about the ideal exhibit and exhibitions.

Design, content, technical and accessibility departments will discuss their different perspectives around the table with innovation as the primary goal.This is an opportunity to create the “perfect” exhibition, freely and without limits.


Session speakers

Development & Experience Design
Den Haag
Development Manager
KCA London
United Kingdom
Nathalie Puzenat, Universcience Paris
Exhibit Developer

Session speakers

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