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Data narratives through storytelling and physicalisation

Data literacy is becoming increasingly important in a digitalised and technology-saturated world, where everything is measured, analysed and predicted, but where information is also being misinterpreted or (deliberately) misused to mislead public perception. But what is data exactly? Can you touch it or make tangible representations or installations with it that tell a story?

The session will first offer inspiring case studies and different approaches to understanding and navigating data and then participants will be taken on a data physicalisation workshop, getting the chance to create their own data stories with the help of hands-on, 3D creations. The dataset used as a basis of this workshop will come from an online map of huge amounts of data on non-formal science learning created via the SySTEM 2020 project.


Andrew Whittington-Davis
Project Manager

Session speakers

Research Fellow, School of Education
Mairéad is the Education and Learning Manager at Science Gallery Dublin, she will present her story of creating new networks through the SySTEM 2020 map in Ireland and share the challenges of working with such large amounts of data coming from all over Europe.
Maria is a Senior Project Manager at Ecsite, she will share her experience working on the SySTEM 2020 map as well as other projects where data has been crucial but hard to visualise.
Chief Executive Officer
Jan is founder of Stellar Fireworks, a design studio in Poland. In this session he will talk about Above and Beyond exhibition that brings beautiful and insightful astronomical storytelling to the general public in the spirit of open source. Its main components consist visual data artworks which support understating astronomy and space exploration progression over the last century, as well as bold visions for the future.
Nanne Brouwer
Project Manager
Nanne is a project manager for Waag's several educational and heritage projects. Trained in social design, architecture and communications, he will share his skills in data storytelling as well as creating the SySTEM 2020 map of non-formal learning.