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Creating an inclusive and accessible exhibition

​​Commitment: Equity & inclusion

One in five people live with some form of disability or disease; this is a huge proportion of the population. For many this can be a barrier to engaging with physical locations. New online resources, workshops, and engagements in the past year have been some of the small things our highly reactive sector has implemented and has helped bridge a gap. How can we continue to make our spaces more welcoming and accessible to visitors in person? What small changes can we do to make individual workshops, shows, or tours available to everyone?

You do not have to rebuild from scratch to become more accessible; we will discuss small things you can add into an existing offer to make small changes, many of which can be implemented with minimal funding but can make a huge impact on people's lives.


Winchester Science Centre

Session speakers

Kate Kneale
Director HKD (Design studio UK)
United Kingdom
People – Places – Programming. A series of prompts and actions which can make a difference, small steps on a path towards being more inclusive and accessible. Sharing lessons learnt from over twenty years of working with museums and science centres and the communities that they serve. References will include felt, birdsong, signage and a car crash!
Audience Researcher
United Kingdom
The Science Museum Group is working towards a vision where all people can engage with STEM. In this session, we will be looking into our work on the ways to make a computing workshop inclusive and open for all. We will share opportunities and limitations presented and share best practice tips for other practitioners.
Project assistant in Exhibitions Team
Conceiving a new education and outreach center, CERN Science Gateway, we are taking on board accessibility and inclusiveness since the early stages of the project and will continue until its completion. With the perspective of exhibitions development, we aim to show how we are involving different expertises in the design and content production to create as much as possible an accessible and inclusive experience for visitors from all ages and backgrounds.
Head of Widening Participation and Engagement
Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium
Winchester science centre has made big and small changes to become more accessible, from redesigning the exhibition, to sensory backpacks, from our toilets to our planetarium. Find out about some of the steps we have taken and what you can do to make your spaces more accessible.