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Co-creation with teachers in times of Covid

The pandemic has put further pressure on schools and teachers by overloading them with work, forcing them to operate constantly in troubleshooting mode. Making changes in education on a systemic level is very much needed, but difficult; even with enthusiastic teachers and school heads all wishing to transform their schools into more open, agile and innovative places. Informal science education institutions can play an important role in this transformation process. It is important to involve teachers early on and make sure that the services, programmes and tools we offer are rooted in their needs, but working with teachers in this way has become even more difficult due to their high workload. How can we co-create with teachers and keep them engaged without putting more pressure on them? How do we keep them motivated and what can we do to incentivise them? Join us for a dialogue session where you’ll listen to conversations between an informal educator, past and current teachers, an educational researcher and an Open Science Hub leader.

This session is part of the Misinformation and trust in science conference track.



Session speakers

Senior Research Scientist
TC Columbia University
United States
As an educational researcher and a previous teacher, Tamar will share her practice and highlight avenues one can explore to connect with schools on a deeper level through co-creation and co-design. In addition, she will introduce co-design principles and the impact of co-design work on teachers' involvement and implementation of innovative projects.
Brendan Owens headshot
Public Engagement Manager
Institute of Physics
As a researcher in informal learning and open science, Brendan Owens will speak about his co-creation and consultation experiences with teachers in reshaping an open schooling pilot programme, under the Open Science Hub project, into a fully fledged year-long programme led by teachers to embed transformative informal learning into the formal learning environment. He will explain the actions taken to excite and engage teachers in STEAM activity and collaborative open schooling methods in order to secure trust and investment in a mutually-beneficial long term programme that doesn't fit standard schooling conventions.
Head of education and evaluation departments
Chagit is leading with her team the process of co-designing Learning Scenarios for primary and junior high schools in 4 different counties and works closely with the pilot teachers in Israel. In this session, Chagit will share insights from diverse practices of co-design with teachers in the different countries during the Covid period and will discuss with her partner, Navit Houri, a teacher in Junior high school, the challenges and the opportunities they faced in engaging the community as part of STEM learning.
Physics and Math teacher
The Israel Arts and Science Academy (IASA)
Navit Houri is a physics teacher in Junior high school in Jerusalem, Israel. In this session, she will discuss with her partner, Eti Oron, the challenges and the opportunities they faced in engaging the community as part of STEM learning.