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Climate, health and behaviour

Commitment: Climate & biodiversity crisis

Despite growing global awareness of climate change in recent years, the consequences for human health are not yet broadly understood and addressed. The Natural History Museum and Museum for the United Nations - UN Live, are partnering on a project to harness behavioural insights in local, cultural activities that drive meaningful action to tackle climate change and nudge museums to become agents of change.

Our podcast will offer engaging conversations with key voices who bring core perspectives to the project, from a young climate activist to a climate and health scientist. A follow up Q&A offers a chance for questions, reflections and discussion from listeners.

Podcast contributors:

  • Niheer Dasandi (Director of Research, International Development Department, University of Birmingham, climate & health expert)
  • Molly Fannon (CEO Museum for the UN – UN Live)
  • Clare Matterson (Executive Director of Engagement, Natural History Museum, UK)
  • Clemence Quint (Director of Programmes and Founder of Magenta, behavioural science expert)
  • Mitzi Jonelle Tan (Climate justice activist, Lead of YACAP – Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines)

Session speakers

Programme Manager and Behavioural Sciences Lead
Museum for the United Nations - UN Live
As UN Live's behavioural science lead on this project, Nikolaj will provide a bit of context on the behavioural science aspects of this project and will be ready to answer any attendee questions relating to behavioural science or to UN Live.
International Partnerships Manager
United Kingdom
As co-lead of the project Camilla will introduce the session, providing context for the podcast, and will spend the last 15 minutes of the session ready to hear reflections, lead discussions with and take questions from attendees.