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Cafés - more than good coffee

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We all know that visitors perceive their visit as a whole experience: their interaction with staff, the cleanliness of the toilets, the wayfinding in place and the quality of coffee in the cafeteria all contribute to their general impression, as much as exhibitions and events do. When it comes to catering, most organisations are aware of the fact that the minimum they can do is serve decent food and drinks at a decent price in order not to tarnish the whole visit. Some science centres and museums have even turned their catering spaces into neatly branded cafés and restaurants offering a very pleasant food experience.

But you can go further: speakers of this session will argue that your café can do much more than fulfilling physiological needs at the bottom of the Maslow pyramid. Your café can play a crucial role in delivering your ambitious social, educational and cultural mission. Each speaker will describe their own café’s unique contribution to organisation-wide goals, before inviting the audience to discuss holistic visitor experiences, café synergies with exhibitions and programmes, brand and design alignment and more.


Developement Director

Session speakers

Julie Becker
Setting the scene: why you need to do more than serve decent coffee (stories and learnings from this article: http://www.ecsite.eu/activities-and-services/news-and-publications/digital-spokes/issue-23#section=section-indepth&href=/feature/depth/more-cash-cows)
The café as the heart of your public venue, as a creative platform, as the meeting point of a community
Head of Public Programmes and Communication
The café and restaurant as integral part of programmes and events to creat a global experience.
Communications Manager
Another reason for a good coffee-stop Served black, a bica, cortado, or cappuccino, maybe a latte macchiato. Coffee. Just right. Some cannot live without the schaumschläger, I know. The perfect blend gives that sublime taste in an optimal state of mind. And then we sit down, relax, reflect and talk. About what? About anything – no rules! Is there a place, peacefull and quit or dynamic, where we can reflect the most important things of life with good coffee? Do we have a few minutes coffee-break to think about the future of our planet? I’ll show you a good place, it is called the Museon Peace Café! Enjoy this session, I’ll be there.