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Bringing Space closer

The last decade has opened outer space up to mankind, both scientifically and to the public, in a way that hasn’t been witnessed since the Space race of the 1960s. Mars-rovers, exoplanets, public space flights and a digital infrastructure that open these resources to the public make for an exciting time to be a Space communicator.

The next decade promises even bigger discoveries, with new Space telescopes, visits to other planets and comets, the first affordable tourist routes to Space and a Space community ready to serve new knowledge and experiences with the public.

The Relevance Of Science Education (ROSE) tells us that Space could and should be the gateway to science, and there will be a new race to space to capitalize on this opportunity.

This sessions aims to demonstrate relevant ways of animating Space for the public, seen from the perspective of Space organizations, the Space industry, Space research and science centres.

Some of the issues to be discussed are:

- Which new Space discoveries are best communicated in terms of scientific and learning value, cost-effectiveness and impact - New resources for Space communication. - What should stay and what should go: What has been our most successful communication strategy, and where is there room for improvement

With this we hope to develop new ideas for space science communication, to involve the public even more in our shared dream for space.


Project Manager
NAROM (Norwegian Centre for Space-related Education)

Session speakers

Session speakers