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Balancing gender equality from the roots to the tips

​​Commitment: Equity & inclusion

Less than 25% of computer science and engineering students are women and far fewer graduate and pursue careers in those fields (National Science Board, 2018). Women remain drastically underrepresented in many STEM fields and these numbers are compounded by race, socio-economic status, and disability (National Science Foundation, 2019). These gender disparities are rooted in issues of identity, agency and confidence and we need a holistic approach to tackling these issues. Community and cultural organisations play a critical role in creating pathways for girls’ lifelong positive interaction with science, technology, engineering, computer science and mathematics.

This session addresses gender equality from the roots to the tips, considering the latest findings and strategies for success, from a global perspective, it reflects on issues emerging from the Pandemic year of 2020, which will then be discussed as a group.


Museum of London
United Kingdom

Session speakers

Karen Peterson headshot
Founder & CEO
National Girls Collaborative
United States
Karen Peterson will share experiences from more than 15 years of work within the United States and globally connecting research to practice for educators focused on increasing the engagement of girls in STEM. Free resources and highlights from a new partnership with ASTC entitled the IF/THEN Collection will be shared.
Executive Director
New York
United States
Jennifer Breslin will speak to her work at the United Nations and as a STEM and youth focused non-profit Director. She will address the topic of STEM and Society as an attractor and pathway for greater engagement of girls and young women, touching on practical program examples, as well as emerging issues and directions.
Former Head, Education & Learning
The Wellcome Trust
United Kingdom
In this session, Anita will describe the distinct gender splits apparent in Wellcome’s Science Education Tracker, a survey of students aged 11-18 across England about their views on science education and careers. She will also discuss her work with the PENTA program, an initiative of She Speaks Science, that offers an innovative mentoring model for women across a variety of career stages globally.