Sky-Skan Europe GmbH

In 1967, Sky-Skan began creating unique special effects projectors for planetariums. In the 1980s, SPICE Automation products synchronized shows for planetariums and large-format film theatres. In the late 1990s, SkyVision sparked a digital revolution bringing fulldome video to planetariums. Today, advances in hardware and DigitalSky 2 software have resulted in Definiti, a fulldome digital theater system capable of real-time astronomy presentations in addition to other sciences, entertainment, and art. Definiti theatres include Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, Chicago’s Definiti Space Theater at Adler Planetarium, University of Notre Dame, ‘Imiloa Planetarium (Definiti 3D: world’s first 3D stereo planetarium), Horizon Planetarium (Australia), the luxurious Queen Mary 2, and the Beijing Planetarium (Definiti 8K: world’s first 8K resolution fulldome theater). Further 8k theaters followed in Hong Kong, Macau (World's first 3D 8k) and Muenster Germany.

Sky-Skan is a Gold Sponsor of the 2018 Ecsite Annual Conference.