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Bibliography: adult education methodologies

  • December 2013
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A 2012 literature review by Heather King and Justin Dillon. Produced as part of EU-funded FEAST project.

Context: FEAST was a two year EU-funded project aiming at enhancing the role that adults play when, as parents and carers, they support their children’s engagement with science and technology in informal science institutions such as museums and science centres.

The project ended in November 2013 and resulted in insights and learning on how to engage parents as educators of their children in science.

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FEAST built on the success of another European project, PILOTS, that worked towards the professionalization of explainers in science centres and museums. This time, participants focussed on a specific target audience: parents. Their role as learning catalysts was explored and a method drawn up to develop activities fostering their involvement as confident and knowledgeable science educators of their children.