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The NANO2ALL Roadmap: engaging society in nanotechnology

  • March 2019
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The NANO2ALL Roadmap is the result of a long process of research, dialogue and stakeholder consultation by the NANO2ALL consortium. Meant primarily for decision-takers and policymakers at the European and national levels, this document outlines trajectories and actions that – according to NANO2ALL’s analysis of the field – should be taken to foster Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and social engagement in nanotechnology research and innovation.

NANO2ALL is an initiative funded by the European Commission’s HORIZON2020 Programme that aims to support the adoption of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) governance across the EU, particularly around the innovative and ever-growing field of nanotechnology. It hopes to achieve this by enhancing transparency and public confidence, co-production of knowledge, societal engagement and informed dialogue as key factors in addressing societal concerns regarding the use of nanotechnology.

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What are benefits and risks of advancing nanotechnology research? What are the expectations and concerns of the different people impacted by the development of this fast-growing field? Could we gather this knowledge and design recommendations to shape future policies that will drive these advancements in a more responsible way? This is what NANO2ALL is about: promoting mutual learning, informed dialogue and societal engagement in responsible nanotechnology. Stay tuned!