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Societal engagement practices on nanotechnology

  • June 2019
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Nanotechnology is one of the most revolutionary new technologies researched today, as well as potentially one of the most disruptive. As such, it has attracted significant attention and served as a litmus test for science engagement and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) practices.

It is in this spirit that NANO2ALL gathered and promoted promising initiatives that engaged society actors with nanotechnology in order to promote mutual learning and motivate a wider application of such methods in relation to nanotechnology but also other emerging technologies. The fourteen inspiring practices gathered by the project include, among others:

  • Futurescape City Tours, a series of walking tours in urban environments that explore the role of technology in everyday life and explore alternative futures (an initiative already successfully piloted by several science museums);
  • Technology of Imagination, a card game facilitating informed debate on emerging technologies;
  • The Rathenau Institute’s Societal Incubator for Nanotechnologies – a three-step application of the concept of a societal incubator to nanotechnology.

If you are looking to engage communities or stakeholders in the development of new technologies or research, the documents below may prove to be a treasure trove, detailing the practices from their context to their methodology and their follow-up. Find the format best suited to your context, the best tips on what to do and to avoid, and more below.

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What are benefits and risks of advancing nanotechnology research? What are the expectations and concerns of the different people impacted by the development of this fast-growing field? Could we gather this knowledge and design recommendations to shape future policies that will drive these advancements in a more responsible way? This is what NANO2ALL is about: promoting mutual learning, informed dialogue and societal engagement in responsible nanotechnology. Stay tuned!