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Conference highlights – 7 June

Margaret Wertheim at the 2019 Ecsite Conference

#Ecsite2019 Highlights 7 June

Discover yesterday’s video summary, looking back on the second of three main conference days.

Ecsite members were invited to start the day with a breakfast with the Ecsite Board. Meanwhile, other attendees could enjoy a healthy start of the day with a yoga session on the roof of Experimentarium.

Science writer, artist and curator Margaret Wertheim delivered a keynote speech at 10.30. For the rest of the day, participants were able to pick and choose between 14 parallel session strands: citizen labs, virtual reality, soft power, the Sustainable Development Goals, and many more were discussed and debated…

The Ecsite Annual General Meeting also took place and saw (among others) the re-election Herbert Münderas the Ecsite President.

Participants enjoyed a lively Business Bistro Happy Hour, sampling through specialties brought by the trade fair’s exhibitors before the Experimentarium building filled up with marine-themed science entertainment for the Nocturne. They enjoyed a rich programme of shows, demonstrations and music, and all sang along at a big “Happy Birthday Ecsite” moment, before sharing a giant cake to celebrate 30 years of Ecsite.

Today's expected highlights: a keynote speech by slime mould researcher Audrey Dussutour at 10.30 (if you are following us remotely, tune into @Ecsite on Twitter and watch the speech live), several local tours, more than 50 parallel sessions and a beautiful Farewell Party at Docken, a former salt warehouse by the sea.

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