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Wonderlab, Science Museum, London, UK

Wonderlab is the latest iteration of the Science Museum's interactive galleries, first created in 1931. It features unique exhibits, specially-commissioned artworks, explosive demonstrations and immersive experiences led by the Museum's talented team of science communicators, Explainers, to inspire visitors of all ages to wonder at the science and mathematics that shape our lives.

With over 50 exhibits across seven zones, visitors to the gallery will explore the incredible phenomena that occur around us every day, with topics as diverse as sound, forces, light, electricity, maths, matter and space. Wonderlab is also home to three live demonstration areas and a 120-capacity showspace inspired by the Royal Institution’s world-renowned Faraday Theatre.

Amongst the gallery’s many highlights, visitors can ride on a giant rotating model of the solar system to learn why we have seasons, experience forces on a large friction slide, and take part in live science shows full of electricity, rockets, space and more.

The gallery design aims at blurring the distinction between architecture and exhibit, creating a rich landscape populated with over fifty objects, experiments and experiences - encouraging visitors to roam guided by what catches their eye, rather than a pre-determined route and narrative.



Science Museum Group

The UK’s Science Museum Group is the world’s most significant museum group devoted to science. Governed by its Board of Trustees, the Science Museum Group comprises the Science Museum in London, the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford, the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, the National Railway Museum in York and Locomotion in Shildon. Together these national museums attract over 6 million visitors per year and house world-class collections consisting of over 7 million objects.