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Tribute to Remo Besio

Remo Besio tribute

The Wind Veil is motionless today, the Rock Spinner is at rest, the Fire Tornado will not ignite, the Magic Wave is frozen and the Harmonograph is drawing a black line – the Swiss Science Center Technorama and its crew are mourning the death of the former director, friend and mentor Remo Besio. He died of cancer on Monday, March the 14th at the age of 75.

The successful transformation from a museum to a science center and the development of one of the largest and most remarkable collections of exhibits to experience natural phenomena will forever be attributed to his name.

As a tribute to Remo Besio we set up a page for colleagues and friends to share their thoughts, stories and remembrances.

Technorama will keep up his legacy.


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Swiss Science Center Technorama

Technorama offers an unique experimental field, which allow all visitors, irrespective of age and background, the opportunity to explore natural phenomena in an informal, hands-on, self-directed way. Over 500 interactive exhibits, most of them build by Technorama’s own workshop, invite visitors to ambiguously grasp the world. Following the philosophies of Oppenheimer, Wagenschein and Piaget we are offering real authentic experiences that arouse curiosity, no simulations, no fakes. Technorama frequently collaborates with artists. In addition science shows and demonstrations and over 30 workshops in 6 different labs provide opportunities to get to know phenomena and methods that cannot be conveyed with exhibits alone.

Current galleries: MatheMagics, Mindscapes, Water Nature Chaos, Light and Vision, The Sound of Wood, Mechanicum, Magneticity (Electricity and Magnetism). The huge outdoor park has intriguing kinetic art pieces, several sun dials, a powerful wind machine and more to come.

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